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Each communicant has the authority of being Christ's disciple.......

Leadership and Management
of the Church

The responsibility for managing the buildings, finances and other resources belongs to the Wardens and Parish Councillors. These people are elected to these positions at the Annual Meeting of parishoners (often called the Annual General Meeting). The Treasurer, and Parish Secretary are chosen from those elected.

The Priest has particular responsibility for the Spirtual direction and worship (liturgy) life of the parish.

All parishoners share in the priesthood of all believers and therefore accept accountability for ministry and mission.

Together the wardens, parish councilors and priest have responsibility for giving "leadership to the congregation in promoting the mission of the Church in the ecclesiastical district (i.e. the area we are responsible for)".

At the regular meetings the parish Council is concerned to harness the resources and gifts of the Church for mission and ministry and to build a stronger community.

The ministry of this Church and the upkeep of the buildings are funded by parishoners. Only Emergency Relief recieves money from government.

Teams of people take responsibility for the particular areas of Church life. The parish Priest through the regular services and sermons, gives spiritual direction to highlight needs and ways the congregation can be the holy priesthood of their community.

Each communicant has the authority of being Christ's disciple to sort out and decide where and how to make their Parish's ministr effective.

Part of the Pastoral Care, given by the Clergy and the Officers of the Parish, is helping communicants to put what they want to do to a Meeting of the parishoners or the Parish Council or the parish Priest.

If you would like to know more about any of these Ministries or become involved please let us know at the parish office:

  1. Building and maintenance.
  2. Office.
  3. Social life and fundraising.
  4. Parish magazine.
  5. Advertising and communication.
  6. Finances and ways to give.

1. Buildings and Maintenance.

We are accountable for keeping in good condition the Church (Heritage Listed), hall, rectory and the office block next door to the Church. Working bees help us to do some of the work and to build fellowship. Planning the maintenance of the buildings to meet contemporary standards and to maximise their use for mission is important. The way we use our buildings and grounds is part of our ministry to the community.

2. Office

The office is an essential part of our mission and ministry. Volunteers and the Parish Administrator/s undertake the administration and communication roles of any office and, importantly, offer hospitality. The ministry of presence through having the Church open is an important gift to the surrounding community, as many seek a place of refuge and where they will be shown resect and dignity no matter their circumstances.

3. Social Life and Fundraising.

Enjoying each other's company and celebrating life and through social events help build the community.

Catering has been an important part of thr Church's contribution to other groups, funeral wakes and community dinners.

4. Parish Magazine .

This is produced 3 or 4 tmes per year and your contribution is welcome. The magazine keeps parish members and the wider community informed about who we are, and up coming events. Through story telling people share a lot about their life and faith.

5. Advertising and Communications.

Informing the wider community of whom we are and what we offer is part of our mssion activity. The web site, leaflets, banners, radio and newspaper articles and advertisements all contribute to proclaiming the gospel.

6. Financing the Ministry of the Church.

The Church does NOT recieve any government or other grants for funding ministry within the Church.

The ministry of the Church is funded by people's giving. To have full time ministry, undertake mission and ministry and meet ongoing costs of insurance and the like costs us around $100,000 per year.

We give in thanks to God for His gift of life, and in response to God's love shown to us in Jesus.

Through our giving we enable us, this Christian community, to proclaim the good news of the Kingdom; teach, baptise and nurture new believers; respond to human need by loving service; seek to transform unjust structures of society, strive to safeguard the integrity of creation, and sustain and renew the life of the earth.

Alternative ways we can give financially -

  • Stewardship Envelopes: There is an envelope for each Sunday. This helps us to be disciplined in our giving even we we miss one Sunday. The envelope is placed in the plate.
  • Direct Giving: Through the Anglican Community und your giving is transferred directly from your account to the parish account at no cost to you. People place a card in the open plate during the service.
  • "Open" plate during the service: During the service a plate is passed around for our thanksgiving offering.



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